Properties my clients have leased include:


1104 S Mays #218

3001 Joe DiMaggio Blvd, Building 650

4000 Sunrise #A200

1490 Rusk Rd #102


501 S Austin Ave #1140


210 Hwy 79 #101

200 East Street

103 Front Street


2007 Kramer Lane #101

16009 FM 1325 #201

Looking for a space to lease for your business? Let me do the work for you. And the good news is that as a tenant, you don’t pay any of my fees! Call me today and let’s find your new space. 

If you are a current tenant whose lease is about to need to be renewed, did you know you can negotiate the new lease terms? Let me help. 

Are you a landlord with space you need to lease? I will find you a tenant.